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Are you thinking about trying a do it yourself lice and nit removal kit? If so, we've got great products for you. Our products are pesticide-free, covering the whole range of the lice removal and lice prevention process.

Looking for a great offer? You've got it. You can receive a Nit Free Terminator Comb for FREE! All you have to do is purchase any of our do it yourself home kits.

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Lice and Nit Treatment Products:

Mousse and 2 in 1 Enzyme Treatment


4oz/8oz/16oz  $14/ $24/ $35
Nit Picky’s innovative head lice treatment works to dissolve the nit glue that attaches lice eggs to your child’s hair. Used with our Terminator Comb, this 2-in-1 system allows for easy removal of otherwise very hard eggs to loosen.

Nit Free Terminator Comb


Nit Free Terminator comb is the best lice removal comb on the market. Quite simply, the Nit Picky Terminator Comb is the one that works when it comes to removing head lice from the hair. Scientific researchers have proved the Nitpicky Terminator Comb effectively captures head lice and their eggs with a patented micro-grooved design.

Nit Free Oil Treatment


4 oz / $24
Nit Free Oil Treatment (Olive oil, Dimethicone, peppermint) works safely and effectively to kill live head lice from the hair shaft. Applied before you comb, the oil suffocates the pests and allows for easy removal (non-toxic).

Lice and Nit Repellent Products:

Peppermint or Rosemary Repellent Spray


4oz/ 8oz/ 16oz  $9/ $15/ $24
Non-toxic Nit Free Mint Repellent Spray uses essential oils from peppermint or rosemary to repel lice. This product is a fine mist spray and should be lightly sprayed on the hair. Designed to last up to 8 hours.


Nit Free Shampoo

2oz/4oz/8oz/16oz  $5/ $9/$16/$28

Nit Free Conditioner
8oz/16oz  $17/$29


Nit Free Gel
4 oz / 8oz

Nit Free GEL combines a high-quality styling gel with the repelling power of peppermint oil. Designed for creative styling wet looks, textured, and high volume finishes. GEL drys with a no-flake finish delivers exceptional body and control for crunch drying, curling irons, and roller sets. All while fighting lice.

Remember, Our products are non-toxic and highly recommended. Nit free comb is FREE with the purchase of lice and nit removal kit. For additional information about our products, call Hair Butterflies Lice and Nit Removal at (708) 524-5423.

You can also stop by our salons in Oak Park at 425 N. Marion St. or in Lincoln Park, Chicago, at 1440 N. Kingsbury St., Suite 125. A list of our products- including photos, descriptions, and prices- can be found here.

Do It Yourself Lice Removal Kits:

Complete Lice Removal Kit

Three-Step Lice Removal Kit

Ultimate Lice Removal and Prevention Kit

X-Pel Shampoo

Neon Nits

Bed Bug Terminator
8oz/32oz $8/ $22

Kleen-Free Naturally

Head Magnifying Glass

Detangling brushes and combs are available at various prices.

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FREE Nit Free Terminator Comb With the purchase of a do it yourself lice and nit removal kit
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